9 Hottest Short Curly Hairstyles Trending in 2018

Having short curly hair is such a freeing thing. You have more time, use less product, you’re cooler in the summer and can toss on a scarf in winter, no problem. The dilemma is what to do with it that’s different and fun. Here are pictures of some of the best cute short curly hairstyles we could find with varying waves and spirals through the tresses. To take your time looking through these photos as you get inspired by all the different bobs, pixies, and shags.

1. Fresh Stacked Bob

A fresh stacked curly bob like this will leave you feeling breezy and lightweight all day long. It's so easy to style and maintain.

2. Curly Pixie

Take your natural curls to a totally new level with this sexy long pixie.

3. Playfully Soft Twist

This look is soft and sexy with a playful twist. It is the epitome of minimal fuss, maximum hair that you can truly wake up and wear.

4. Disconnected Curly Pixie

This is a disconnected curly pixie. The favorable thing about this hair is how little styling is required for it to look fabulous!

5. Natural Curly Short Hair

It is a young and youthful cut for someone embracing their natural texture.

6. The Perfect Point

This is a chic curly look. That is a simple explanation, yet it it describes what curly hair is all about.

7. Short Tight Curls

This is a rounded mid-length cut with fringy edges. The favorable thing is the nice flow around the edges.

8. Choppy Brunette

I would describe this cut as free and whimsical. You'll love the way its unbond nature gives it a playful quirkiness, while the cut as a whole remains intentional and classy.

9. Thick & Curly

This is a pixie cut on thick and curly hair. The favorable thing about it is that works with her natural texture so that it is easy for her to wear and style.