Exploring The Fabulous World Of Short Choppy Hair

Short choppy hair should be on your list of looks to consider if you are ready for a dramatic change. Think of the initial cut as the building block of a great new look. Layered hair is always a classy look, and it is important to realize that you don’t have to have long hair to enjoy a choppy look.

1. Short Scene Cut

This is the short version of the longer choppy cut you see on a lot that is on the emo scene. The same principles can make a very flattering short cut that can work on women of different ages without looking too far out there. At the same time if you want a more dramatic look or a fun change for the weekend you can add color either through extensions or temp color.

2. Wavy Chin Length Choppy Cut

The chin length cut is very flattering. Wavy hair can add a whole other dimension to this style, but it can work for those with thicker straight hair as well. You can part your hair on whatever side you think suits you best. Slicking back your hair is another option that works well for dressing up if you get this cut. The chin length cut works well for those balancing careers and family but wants to look good doing it.

3. Tapered Behind The Ear Choppy Shorty Cut

For ladies that don’t mind a very short cut and a few minutes styling in the morning, this is so flattering and face framing. Your eyes will stand out in all their glory with this style. Highlights and lowlights are something you should consider doing at the same time as this cut. Your stylist can precisely place foils and create a color that is all about you.

4. Choppy Little Undercut

The undercut look is popular with guys and gals. This allows for a stacked look that has amazing texture and body. How much you cut off the bottom is up to you, and some women choose to take it down to very little hair at all. This cut can easily be grown out into a long layered look.