9 Lovely Long Hair Ladies With Layers

Long hairstyles with layers is something a lot of us strive for over the years. When you have long hair, you have a lot of style options to choose from. Contrary to popular belief, long hair doesn’t have to be a lot of work or hassle. These 55 pics of lovely long hair ladies make you want to grow your hair out fast. Keep in mind that adding length is not hard with extensions or a well-made wig.

1. Brown Blonde Balayage Waves

2. Multi-Tonal Blonde Swept Away Layers

The way the tones of this blonde flow together is simply amazing. The swept back and away look stunning and is a great choice for ladies that like a lot of different blonde shades.

3. Long Red Shaggy Layers With Bangs

This dark red shag is gorgeous. The copper highlights take this red to a whole new level. Shaggy bangs are a fab touch that we can dig. One thing to remember about red hair is that if you need to dye your hair to get the color, be sure to use products to extend the color because reds fade fast.

4. Bright Red & Blonde Scene Cut

Today is a time when no one should be afraid of hot color. This choppy shaggy cut is a lot of fun, and the red color and blonde streaks are edgy but pretty.

5. Very Long Asymmetrical Lob

This is a very extreme asymmetrical cut. However, if you are into a longer cut but want to reduce weight, then this is a cut to consider. An undercut design will add some extra fun to this long bob.

6. Soft Feathered Dark Layers

The texture achieved with this cut shows what a good hair cutter can do when put to work. Feathered layers are one of the seasons hottest styles.

7. Cherry Coke Balayage

This balayage dye job goes far beyond the typical. Red is effortlessly blended with darker tones to get this unique color.

8. Dreamy Chestnut Layers

Brunette beauties will benefit from this look. Dreamy chestnut layers with subtle highlights are easy to get and always beautiful.

9. Penelope Cruz Long Caramel Highlight Layers

Caramel highlights go a long way with this look. Penelope is not afraid of larger hair looks.

10. Soft Layered Medium Brown Bob

Medium brown smooth layers are hard to beat.