11 Awesome Chic Bob Hairstyles For Women After 40


A short bob is right for all ages. You can use messy hairstyles like the one in this picture to make yourself look much younger and feel more energetic. It also is a wonderful hairstyle for easy maintenance.

2. Smooth Short

Smooth hair looks wonderful but in just a few haircuts. The Bob is great for such an idea. Make your hair look shiny and create a wonderful image. Pay attention to maintaining such a hairstyle.

3. Layered

One more idea to improve the chic bob hairstyle is to layer it. This is a wonderful option for those who want a casual look for every day. It looks wonderful in any circumstance and gives you a lot of freedom.

4. Classy

One more idea is the classy bob hairstyle which will never be out of fashion. It looks free and simple, creates a wonderful image, and is suitable for many different clothes styles. Try it once and you will love it forever.

5. Short Wavy

You’ll look much younger and energetic with a fashionable short wavy bob. The hairstyle is suitable for all ages and it’s not that hard to create. It also looks stunning if you have blond hair.

6. Inverted

There is another way to make your bob hairstyle amazing – the inverted bob with loose waves. It creates the image of lightness and freedom. It is especially suited for summer and light dresses with a casual style.

7. Smooth Classic

A smooth bob will always stay in fashion. You may change the image by putting the hair on one side behind your ear. For such a classic bob you need quite short hair and no waves. Make sure you straighten it correctly.

8. Soft Curly

Another way to play with bob hairstyles is to make soft curls so it looks fluffy. Wherever you go, such a hairstyle will make you look luxurious. It’s quite easy to maintain, too.

9. Highly Curled

It looks really sexy and fresh, but you need quite short hair for it. This looks best on women with an oval face and soft features. You will surely love it.

10. Classic Curled

You’ll like the classic curled bob and suits many clothing styles – casual to elegant. It looks fresh and gives you the chance of looking much younger than your age.

11. Short One-Side

There are lots of hairstyles that focus on one side of your head. Among bobs there aren’t that many, but you still can experiment. Look at how fresh and unusual it looks on a woman over 40 years old.