Age-Defying Hairstyles for Black Women Over 40

If you’re a woman over 40, selecting a hairstyle that is visually appealing, age appropriate and low maintenance can be somewhat of a challenge. Below are some fabulous and fierce hairstyles for black women over 40 that are sure to please and accommodate your needs and wants!

1. Classic 1950s Curls

This look is beyond classic and is sure to stop any show.

2. Whitney H.Curls

You'll feel like a huge celebrity rocking this hairstyle.

3. Bob Cut

Oh yes, the classic bob cut; everyone was rocking this bob in the 80s. I'm so happy thid bob has returned and is here to stay.

4. Classic Layered Bob Cut

The classiic layered bob is so beautiful on its own,but adding color to this bob allows it to pop with colors and layers.

5. Hollywood Curls

Hollywood curls can be seen on almost every celebrity of every ethnicity. They are soft, large and voluminous, and will make ant women look and feel like a goddess.

6. Multi Layered Asymmetrical Bob Cut

This bob is definitely something that needs to be seen by the world. It's chic and sexy.