Haircuts you'll be asking for Now

It doesn't matter if you have waves, curls, or straight hair—just get ready to screenshot. These are the trending autumn  haircuts to show your stylist at your next appointment.

1.Shoulder lengths

Short hair, don't care! Michael Canalé, a sought-after Hollywood colorist who has worked with the always well-coiffed Jennifer Aniston forever and who is the creator of the Canalé hair care line, tells me that damaged hair is ready for a rest. If your hair is looking a bit worse for the wear, this is the look for you. In order to achieve a clean, sleek look, women will be going shorter in order to get rid of those fried 'n' frazzled follicles.

2. The shaggy bob

Brandon Martinez, who has styled celebs like Rosario Dawson, Elle Macpherson, and Diane Kruger, and who penned Sex, Hair and Billionaires: Adventures of a Celebrity Hairstylist, predicts the short pixie of 2017, which is a classic cut that is always "in," will be transformed into "a longer, shaggier bob for the autumn."

3. Visible ombre roots

While visible, contrasted, or graying roots are often the main reason that you book an appointment with your colorist, don't be so hasty to cover up those babies up in autumn. That's right, roots are in! Be honest, this is the trend we've been waiting for our entire adult lives.

4. French girl chic

A specific cut he speaks of is a bob with bangs. Connors continued, "The ubiquitous hairstyle of the last few seasons (and the most popular style on Pinterest) is being traded in for a sleek bob paired with blunt bangs. French girls have been rocking these looks for decades, and every now and then, they become popular again in the U.S.

5. Geometric bowl cuts and asymmetry

A geometric cut with an unusual shape is super sexy but it can be high maintenance, since you can't simply toss it into a ponytail on lazy Sundays and when you don't have time to deal with doing your hair. Quiles and Fishman also told me that these "modern, geometric haircuts wear like wigs," which also contributes to the commitment factor and having to maintain the cut on the regular.

6. Color, color, color

This includes multi-tones in highlights, such as neutral blondes mixing light brown with golden blonde flourishes. Medium brown paired with pale blonde, as well as a red base with blonde highlights, also make for a stunning end result.

7. Unfussy and textured

Based on looks that graced fashion runways, unfussy and textured hair, both long and mid-length, will be a autumn "go to" with follicles.

8. Dramatic bangs

Side swept bangs, as well as blunt, short bangs, are also in the rearview in favor of drama and length. Long, soft bangs, where they're past the stage of growing out by the cheekbone, will make a real statement in autumn.