Shoulder-length hair gets flack for lacking gumption. It’s often dismissed as a transition stage between, say, a blunt bob and long flowing locks. But, there’s a reason why you see shoulder-grazing strands around every corner, whether at the grocery store or on the Red Carpet—and it has nothing to do with settling. Shoulder-length hairstyles are both functional and stylish, striking the perfect balance between the ease of a short cut and the versatility of a long style. To layer or not to layer, to stack or not to stack, to bang or not to bang? These are all decisions you can make to create the best shoulder-length hair for you, which is not something you can say about a pixie cut or ultra-long (Cher-esque) locks. The dry winter has made our hairstyle feel less than inspiring, and springtime always brings a desire to embrace a new look. We’re thinking a shoulder-length haircut might be the lucky ticket. When heading to your next hair appointment, tuck one of these gorgeous shoulder-length hairstyles up your sleeve and leave feeling fresh and stylish!

1 Blunt Ends
This cut is all about simplicity, keeping ends blunt and layers minimal. You can opt for a few face-framing layers, but keep the length all the same to promote easy styling and your thickest looking ends. This cut works great for thin hair!

2 Full Bangs

Keep a shoulder-cut simple, but stylish with full bangs. This hairstyle has only long layers, letting the bangs shine. If you’re looking to switch up your hairstyle for the spring, bangs might be your answer.

3 Angled
This hairstyle is another that limits the amount of layering, but it stacks the back a little shorter to create an angled look. The angled cut lets you ramp up the volume more than an all-around uniform cut. This style works well with thick hair.

4 Natural Volume
If you have more compact curls like these, layers are essential to make a short cut more voluminous and shaped. Layers should start mid-way down your hair shaft, which will help you avoid the awkward “triangle” shape that curly-haired girls sometimes struggle with.

5 Flippy Layers

This straight hairstyle is sassy and layered to perfection for the lady who likes styling her hair and isn’t afraid of some hairspray! The layers start at around midway down the shaft, and this style looks equally as good with or without bangs.

6 Shag
This classic cut is back in a big way, and we love the layers, bangs, and overall shagginess of the look. It should always graze the shoulders and have layers that start just below eye level.

7 Stacked Layers
Unlike a blunt angled shoulder cut, this style gets ultra volume in the back from layering. It lets the back layers pump up the body, while angled layering around the face adds definition.