Stunning Gray Hair Styles

Gray Can Be Gorgeous

More women are discovering that allowing their hair to grow into natural gray is liberating. As one professional model, Maye Musk, put it, "Why didn't I do this 10 years ago?"

No, it isn't for every woman, but the ranks of those who choose freedom from chemical color and the tyranny of monthly touch-ups are growing! A new found confidence can come from those natural silver tones free from hair color chemicals.

More women today embrace their own sense of themselves when they allow their hair to become their natural gray color.

Glamorous Gray

The whole package, from stylish cut, simply elegant clothing, and attractive well done makeup.

Get A Great Cut

Short and Easy Care looks great in any weather or occasion. a professional cut makes styling easier and helps make the most of your crowning glory.

Salt and Pepper Smoothie

A great look for slat and pepper mixture is this sleek 'do. Serum will give you that silky smooth look. Very professional for worktime, but easy to keep for casual times. A sparkly barrette is all that is needed for special holiday occasions.

Sophisticated Angles

Short cut with long top layers. This is my favorite short hairstyle. The crown hair is kept long and angled toward the chin.

Shining Curls

Classic Meryl

If you doubted that this color could look glamorous, look at this picture of Meryl Streep to have your doubts washed away.