Top 10 Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Most of us have at some point wondered what we would look like sporting blonde tresses. Whether it is to spruce up hair that is already blonde with some highlights or ‘go blonde’ by bleaching your brunette locks, there are so many different colors and coloring techniques to choose from. This variety of shades is the best part about dying your hair blonde because it’ll leave you spoilt for choice.

Below, we have put together a list of blonde hair color ideas to help you make heads turn with the right shade.

1. Dark Blonde Hair Color

Dark blonde is a great color to sport if you have a medium to fair complexion. This warm color looks natural and effortlessly gorgeous. Dark blonde is the perfect shade for you if you are a brunette looking to lighten up your hair color.

2. Blonde Highlights

Cool blonde highlights are perfect for sprucing up light colored hair. They add dimension and make your hair look textured. To try this undeniably classy look, get your stylist to add cool tones to the midsections of your hair.

3. Ash Blonde Hair Color

The perfect transition color for cool-toned brunettes. This silvery shade is perfect for women with medium to dark complexions and darker eyes. If you were looking for a summer shade to sport with your perfect tan, this is it.

4. Honey Blonde Hair Color

Few things can compare with the luxury that the color of thick, pure, unadulterated honey brings in. Having a mane in this breathtaking shade of blonde is only going to up your diva status, so be prepared to get a LOT of attention!

5. Light Blonde Hair Color

The best thing about this gorgeous color is that it looks great on any complexion. For this shade, get your stylist to add cool tones to a golden blonde base. Sport this lovely color by adding texture to your hair, making it look thick and healthy.

6. Golden Blonde Hair

This natural looking shade is a mixture of warm honey and gold tones.It is just the color you’ll need to get your divamode on. This natural, warm, and soft look is perfect for women with darker complexions.

7. Caramel Blonde

This is one of the warmest blonde shades out there, making it the ideal hair color for medium and dark skin tones. With a few babylights, it can also be sported on lighter skin tones.

8. Medium Blonde Hair

If you have eyes that are green or brown, this shade is a must try. It is the perfect shade for women looking to dive into being blonde than transitioning slowly. To get the perfect medium blonde, use a light golden base with cool wheaty hues.

9. Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye

Strawberry blonde is a lovely color to sport if your hair is naturally warm-toned. This color complements short as well as long hair, so the length is not going to be a problem. You’re just going to have to figure out what to do about the envious looks your locks will garner.

10. Natural Blonde Hair

Natural blonde hair is dyed in a way that your hair looks like you were born with it. Depending on your skin tone, you can go lighter or darker for a more natural look. Adding some cooler tones will keep it looking textured.